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CAC product line

COR-LOK Air Shafts and Chucks

Air Shafts & Chucks


WrinkleSTOP Anti-Wrinkle spreader roll

WrinkleSTOP® Anti-Wrinkle

FOX Trim Removal Systems

Pneumatic Trim Removal

Core adapters

Adjusta-Pull Anti-Wrinkle

Adjusta-Pull® Anti-Wrinkle

Pneumatic Matrix Removal

Pneumatic Matrix Removal

Aluminum Core Cones

Aluminum Core Cones

Bowed Roll

Bowed Roll

Fox TrimAway system with TrimAx Chopper

Trim Removal with Chopper

Mechanical chucks and shafts

Mechanical Chucks & Shafts

Scroll Roll

Scroll Roll

Trim-AX Chopper

Trim-AX™ Chopper

Safety Chucks

ShaftLok™ Safety Chucks

Idler, Dancer, Nip, Heated Rolls

Roller Assemblies

Shaft Holders

Shaft Holders

Idler Rolls

Idler Rolls

Nip Roll

Nip Roll Assemblies

Roller Mounting Blocks

Roller Mounting Blocks

Air loaded dancer roll assemblies

Dancer Roll Assemblies

Idler Rolls


Unwind/rewind stand

Unwind / Rewind stand



Electrically Heated Rolls

Heated Rolls

Vertical Accumulators


Roll Lifting

Roll Lifting

Movie Reel

Product Videos

CAC literature

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Featured Tech tip: Looking for engineering calculations specific to the converting industry?


Tech tip: Looking for engineering calculations specific to the converting industry?

CAC publishes several online calculators specifically aimed toward assisting professionals in the converting industry. These online calculators include:

  • Torque, RPM and Horsepower
  • Metric conversions
  • Roll Weight
  • Air shaft / thru shaft weight
  • Idler roller weight
  • Roll length, roll diameter and web thickness
  • Air flow
  • Several deflection cases

CACís online calculators can be found at: http://www.converteraccessory.com/ss/index.shtml

Keep in mind these calculators are based solely on spreadsheet data. They will not reflect your real world application. However, often times they assist you to understand the range of numbers you may expect for a given application.

And what tech tip would be complete without a disclaimer?

A great deal of time has been invested in the development, testing and debugging of the above referenced online calculators. To the best of our knowledge, they are free of defects. It is up to the user to verify all results presented by our calculators.

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What is Web Handling?
Web Handling is the science, engineering and equipment necessary to successfully transport a continuous flexible material through various processes without defect. Enhancing Web Handling with proper equipment will ensure materials are processed at their maximum efficiency, allowing the process to generate maximum profits.

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