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WINertia™ Lightweight Idler Rolls

Lightweight Idler Rolls

Our idler rolls feature WINertia™ engineered profile aluminum tubing which is specifically designed and engineered for idlers used in the converting industry.

Standard WINertia™ lightweight aluminum idler rolls provide 30% less rotational inertia than standard aluminum idlers. An adaptable idler known for effortless installation, strength, and high performance. WINertia™ dead shaft idlers are the most cost-effective resolution when a free spinning roll is needed.

Lightweight Idler Rolls

Idler rolls feature:
  • Standard outside diameters of 3", 4", 5", 6", and 8".
  • Special diameters upon request.
  • Face widths up to 140".
  • Standard roll finish is 30Ra.
  • Various roll coatings/coverings are available in rubber, Teflon, plasma, anodize, chrome, and nickel.
  • Grooved roll face available in standard and custom machined profiles.
  • Low friction bearings.
  • Available in dead shaft (center shaft fixed) or live shaft (journals rotate with roll face) construction.
  • Dynamically balanced.
  • Roll faces are machined to maximize concentricity.
  • Optional mounting blocks and bearings are available.

Benefits of WINertia™:
  • Lower weight.
  • Allows better position support bearings or supply dual bearing supports to minimize roll face deflection.
  • Unique 3D balancing contributes to better performance.
  • Synthetic fluoropolymer lubricant minimizes drag and extends life.
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon cages maximizes free spin and quiets operation.
  • Shields and non-contact seals avoid contamination.
  • 52100 vacuum degassed steel alloy adds durabililty and extends life.
  • Honed raceways maximize free spin and extends life.

Results include:
  • Faster, smoother operation than can be achieved with conventional aluminum tubing.
  • Low friction bearings improve web handling, maximizes web traction with the idler roll face.
  • Maximum concentricity.
  • 10-30% less rotational inertia and momentum.

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