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Tech tip: Where to place an Idler Roll when guiding an Unwind and Rewind Stand?

SimpLok™ Shaft Holder

Shaft Holders

SimpLok™ shaft holders are the perfect answer for holding unwind and rewind shafts. Their hinged design allows for fast and easy roll changes. They are extremely useful for mounting idler rolls where quick roll change is desired.
  • Standard construction material is all steel for maximum strength, rigidity and long trouble-free operation
  • Stainless steel and aluminum materials are available
  • Designed for use with low friction ball bearings, which is the first step to ensuring optimum tension control
  • Used for unwind, rewind and roller applications
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Square bore adapters are available for square shafts
  • Medium and heavy duty models designed for use with Sealmaster ER bearings
  • All modifications preassembled at the factory ... easily mounted to existing equipment
  • "Building Block" concept permits several modifications:
  • Basic holders
    Drive modification
    Manual skew adjustment modification
    Manual lateral adjust modification
    Manual skew & lateral adjust modification
    Edge guiding modification
  • Backed by CAC's over 42 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the converting industry

ShaftHolder Mod

Basic shaft holder with tension brake

Standard Duty

for up to 1000 lb. loading

Medium Duty

for up to 2500 lb. loading

Heavy Duty

for up to 5000 lb. loading

Shaft Holder Module

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Click filename to view Specification Sheets
Filename  Description
18503-57 Standard Duty Shaft Holder - Basic Assembly
18503-319 SimpLok™ Standard Duty Shaft Holder with Flange
18503-59 Medium Duty Shaft Holder - Basic Assembly
18503-320 SimpLok™ Medium Duty Shaft Holder with Flange
18503-60 Heavy Duty Shaft Holder - Basic Assembly

Standard Duty Shaft Holder        Standard Duty Flange

SimpLok™ shaft holder - standard application SimpLok™ shaft holder with flanges to house bearings


Standard duty bushings         Standard bore

SimpLok™ shaft holder with mounted bushings SimpLok™ shaft holder with square bore adapter


Shaft Holder Brake

SimpLok™ Shaft Holder Unwind Module

Shaft Holder Drive

SimpLok™ Shaft Holder Rewind / Driven Unwind Module

Shaft Holder Drive

Unwind Application with SimpLok™ Module

SimpLok™ shaft holder modules are the perfect answer where an unwind or rewind station is required on existing nmachine framework. These modules work well where easy installation of better braking and tension control systems are desired. Heavy duty steel construction provides for years of reliable operation. Ball bearings are typically supplied to ensure the proper foundation for accurate tension control.

Designs may include CAC's air operated tension brake and CAC's COR-LOK® air shafts for a complete unwind or rewind module solution. These modules may also be supplied with other brakes and / or air shafts at your request.


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ShaftLok™ Safety Chuck SimpLok™ Basic Shaft Holders Assembly

Shaft Holder Assembly
with Edge Guide Modification
SimpLok™ Basic Shaft Holders Assembly with skew and lateral adjustment

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Backed by CAC's over 43 years of experience designing and manufacturing converting equipment


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