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Chopped Edge Trim May Require an Air Separator

Pneumatic waste removal systems must be designed to provide enough suction to convey waste (usually edge trim) to a system air motivator (venturi or fan). They must, also, provide enough air speed, pressure and volume to convey waste to a collection point.

If you chop your waste, keep in mind, you will have to contend with the chopped pieces in the air stream, as they exit the conveying duct and are deposited into a collection point. Pieces may have a tendency to blow around and out of a dumpster or other collection methods due to just the sheer volume of air mixed with the chopped waste, creating a mess around the collection point.

There are several ways to combat this problem:

  1. Most pneumatic edge trim removal systems are adjustable. Adjusting the air flow may decrease system performance enough to lower air volume, so chopped pieces won't blow around. However, decreased system performance may hinder how well your system works.
  2. Certain collection methods allow air to escape while containing the chopped pieces. Collection bins with expanded metal sides for example, allow the air to escape, rapidly but contain the chopped pieces. Dumpsters with a screen top may work well for your application. Mesh collection bags, which allow air to escape while containing chopped pieces are available. Collection bins with air filtration systems are an option.
  3. Air separators use expanded metal construction. The chopped wasted is blown into the air separator where the air is rapidly exhausted to atmosphere. The air separator has a large duct connection at its bottom where the waste is funneled, via gravity into a collection bin.

There are a lot of advantages to chopping waste for conveying in a pneumatic waste conveying system. Chopped waste is easier to convey allowing long conveying distances, chopped waste takes up less space at the collection point and if you are using a material handling fan, chopping may be required. Some thought should be given to the challenges associated with collecting chopped waste from a high volume air stream.

Jeff Damour
Converter Accessory Corporation

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