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Using Mechanical Chucks for Core Adaption

Do you have a customer who wants material on a larger core than you currently produce? Do you have a material supplier that supplies rolls of material on larger cores than you normally unwind and process?

Using mechanical chucks as core adapters is an inexpensive, time saving answer to this potential problem. Mechanical chuck type core adapters may be the best option to allow you to run varying core sizes. The most common core sizes are 3" and 6" inside diameter (ID). You may normally run 3" ID cores but have occasion to run 6" ID cores. Mechanical chuck core adapters could be the perfect choice to make the transition from 3" ID to 6" ID cores. Of course, mechanical chucks are available for other core sizes, like 4" ID, 5" ID or greater than 6" ID. They can be designed to lock to almost any thru shaft or air shaft.

Typically, mechanical chuck core adapters slide on top of your existing air shaft and allow you to lock larger cores on to the air shaft "base". Some adapters utilize the expansion of the air shaft to activate the locking mechanism of the adapter. These types of core adapters are less expensive, but provide much less torque than an independently activated core locking element.

Some mechanical chuck core adapters lock with built-in bushings to your existing air shaft. They mechanically engage your core independently of the air shaft to which they are mounted. Their initial cost is higher but they provide very even, high core locking torque. Because they stay locked in place on your air shaft, regardless of whether your air shaft is inflated or not, they are the easiest and fastest to operate, providing very fast return on the initial investment.

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