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Tech tip for the week of February 19, 2018

Machine Design Scope May Hinder Production

Converting machines may be designed to slit, laminate, coat, print and many more standard and specialized processes. Certain processes may include steam, drying, cooling and many more. Machines may be designed to run paper, film, foil, textiles or nonwovens. Web widths can range between .125" wide to over 250". Speeds may be as slow as .5 feet per minute to over 6,000 feet per minute.

Indeed, converting processes vary greatly in this converting industry. The machines to process webs vary in design to accommodate web processing within a scope of specifications. Inheriting a machine or attempting to utilize a used machine designed for a certain scope of specification for operating specifications outside of that scope may be extremely difficult, frustrating and nerve racking.

For example, a converting machine designed to slit and rewind 60" wide, heavy rolls of paper at 2,000 feet per minute will most likely have trouble slitting .0005" thick, 10" wide low density polyethylene film at 50 feet per minute. The machine, in this example, is just designed with power transmission components, rollers, slitting technology and other components many times larger than is required by the new application. In this example the film would always be run in the very lowest extremes of the capability of the machine. Consequently, tension control may not be responsive below 10% of design torque. Rollers may not turn freely. Other components like the web guide system or anti-wrinkle systems may be designed to run paper, not a thin, low density film. In this example, it's sort of like putting a tractor engine in a small car. Yes, it will drive but may not be controllable and won’t stay on the road long.

Keep in mind, if you are utilizing a machine meant to process webs with different specifications than you are running; modifications, possibly LOTS of modifications may be necessary to complete this potentially difficult and daunting task. The good news is that web handling experts can assist with making necessary modifications to converting machines and processes.

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