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Tech tip for the week of April 9, 2018

Expanding surface type spreader rolls are excellent web spreading
and anti-wrinkle rolls

Expanding surface type spreader rolls, such as slat expanders, polymer band expanders and the WrinkleSTOP anti-wrinkle rolls are excellent web spreading and anti-wrinkle rolls. They provide aggressive anti-wrinkle properties while their linear shape ensures little to no web distortion during the wrinkle removal process.

Here are some ways to take maximum advantage of your expanding surface type anti-wrinkle rolls:

  1. Most of the spreading action takes place within 180 degrees of rotation. This means, generally, more wrap angle around the roll face (up to 180 degrees) will provide proportionally more spreading.
  2. Lead in and leads out distances are not critical to the amount of web spreading realized. This means these types of anti-wrinkle rolls are an excellent choice in "tight" areas.
  3. Most of these anti-wrinkle devices are adjustable, making them ideal for all types of webs, even the most delicate.
  4. The entry and exit points, relative to the circumference of the roll are extremely important. The roll must be oriented properly to the web entry and exit points in order to ensure optimum performance.
  5. Many times, these rolls turn freer than other types of anti-wrinkle rolls, so most of the time they do not require to be driven.

The smooth surface and linear shape of the WrinkleSTOP anti-wrinkle roll makes it an excellent choice for the most demanding web wrinkle issues.

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CAC WrinkleSTOP No Bow Anti-Wrinkle Roll

Written By:
Jeffrey Damour, Sales Engineer
Converter Accessory Corporation
Wind Gap, PA, Phone - 800-433-2413

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