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Tech tip for the week of October 16, 2017

Grooved rolls as a dead bar.

Do you utilize grooved rolls that are rigid and have grooves that spiral from the center out toward each edge? Do you notice that this anti-wrinkle device does little to eliminate wrinkles and in some circumstances, seems to create wrinkles?

Typically, rigid (metallic or hard plastic) grooved rollers are applied as idler rollers. They are driven by the web, synchronous with web speed. Web wrinkles, entering the roller, remain in a constant position along the grooved rollers face, which means this type of roller, typically applied as an idler roller has no effect on the web when it comes to removing wrinkles. In fact, sometimes the grooves, themselves, will cause "waves" and wrinkles to form in your web, making this type of roller a wrinkle producer instead of wrinkle remover.

If you are experiencing problems with spiral grooved idler rollers, try locking them in place. That is, stop them from rotating and use them as a "dead bar". Added stresses will be applied to your web, because now the web must "drag" around the circumference of the newly applied dead bar. Lessening the wrap angle may lessen the stress on your web. If your material can take the stress associated with dragging around the circumference of the dead bar for the duration of the wrap angle, this normally passive anti-wrinkle device can become fairly aggressive at removing web wrinkles. Try it - it works.

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Written By:
Jeffrey Damour, Sales Engineer
Converter Accessory Corporation
Wind Gap, PA, Phone - 800-433-2413

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