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When making a decision about the core support system best suited for your application, keep in mind the simplicity of design of these chucks which assures reliable operation.

Unlike the core cones, the chucks are supplied with the same split bushing design used in our COR-LOK® Air Chucks and Shafts, preventing possible damage to the thru shaft.

These chucks do not require any compressed air to operate. They engage and lock the core without tools or any external operation by the machine operator. When your roll starts to rotate, these chucks automatically engage your core and lock it in place.

COR-LOK® mechanical chucks are an excellent answer where heavy duty, high torque core support is required. They work equally well for light duty applications. They are available in aluminum and steel.

Ease of installation provides another reason for choosing this solution to core support problems. Simply slip the chuck onto the thru shaft, clamp split bushing to shaft with the set screws provided, load the core and you're ready to run.

Mechanical Chuck

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in 2" to 12" diameter
  • Various body lengths available to accommodate heavier rolls longer cores
  • Standard model manufactured in aluminum
  • Heavy duty models manufactured in steel
  • Maintenance free
  • Load sensitive - the greater the load the greater the gripping
  • Backed by CAC's over 44 years of experience designing and manufacturing Mechanical Chucks.

See them in action!

Scanning Devices Mechanical Chucks

CAC Mechanical Chucks

COR-LOK® mechanical chuck dimensions
To fit core size A
Bore range
Locking face
Over all length
End cap
2” 2.023” 2.122” Up to 1” 3.250” 3.750” .250”
3” 3.022” 3.122” Up to 1.75” 3.250” 3.750” .250”
4” 4.033” 4.122” Up to 3” 3.250” 3.750” .250”
5” 5.014” 5.122” Up to 4” 3.250” 6.500” .250”
6” 6.015” 6.239” Up to 4” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
6 -3/4” 6.779” 6.896” Up to 4” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
7” 7.029” 7.146” Up to 5” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
8” 8.029” 8.146” Up to 6” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
9” 9.029” 9.146” Up to 7” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
10” 10.029” 10.146” Up to 8” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
11” 11.029” 11.146” Up to 9” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
12” 12.029” 12.146” Up to 10” 5.000” 6.500” .750”
NOTE: Thru bores machined .010” - .015” oversized unless otherwise specified.
NOTE: COR-LOK mechanical shafts are available with custom locking face lengths.
Diameters for non-standard and metric core sizes are available
Please contact us at 800-433-2413 or e-mail
for more information on custom locking face lengths and non-standard and metric core diameters.

CAC Mechanical Chucks
Need more Information?

Click filename to view Specification Sheets
Filename  Description
18503-78 2" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Chuck
18503-18 3" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Chuck
18503-363" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Chuck with 3" Overall Length
18503-65 4" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Chuck with 4 1/2" Overall Length
18503-436" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Chuck
18503-358 3" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Shaft
18503-359 6" COR-LOK® Mechanical Core Shaft
Tech tip: It is important for your web to stay in traction with idler and driven rollers.

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