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Compound Motion Vertical Accumulator
  • Compound motion design utilizes dual roller carriages
  • Roller carriages are counter balanced with each other insuring best possible web tension control
  • Perfect for low to high web tension applications
  • Roller carriages are mounted on linear ball bushing for ease of motion and long life
  • Typically pneumatic operation and web tension load control
  • Linear transducer position feedback
  • Available with integrated drive system or user may supply and integrate their own drive system
  • Normally engineered with feed rolls included in design
  • Material storage to accommodate non-stop operation
  • Unwind and rewind application
  • For use with all types of paper, film, foil, woven and non-woven webs
  • 3" to 120" Idler roller face width
  • 2" to 8" Diameter idler rollers
  • Idler rollers typically dead shaft construction with low friction ball bearings
  • Idler rolls available with lightweight, low inertia design
  • Compound motion is self-threading, speeding set up process
  • Custom designed to fit your application, height and floor space
  • Can be designed to store just a few feet up to hundreds of feet of web
Compound Motion Vertical Accumulator

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What is Web Handling?
Web Handling is the science, engineering and equipment necessary to successfully transport a continuous flexible material through various processes without defect. Enhancing Web Handling with proper equipment will ensure materials are processed at their maximum efficiency, allowing the process to generate maximum profits.

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