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Tension Air Brake Easily Integrates for Smooth Unwind Upgrade

CAC’s newest Tension Air Brake (TAB) is engineered to be reliable, versatile and exceptionally easy to use. It is specifically designed to be easily employed with CAC’s widely used ShaftLok™ safety shaft holders for a complete unwind upgrade, but may also be integrated with less advanced, traditional shaft holders.

The TAB offers a broad torque range, excellent heat dissipation and operates on plain air. It can be operated manually via a simple pressure regulator or readily combined with an automatic tension control system. TAB has three friction coefficients to choose from and is available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 friction pad engagement configurations for a proper, custom torque match to individual setups.

Jeff Damour, CAC Engineering Manager, says the TAB is distinguished by an elegantly simple design that makes it especially easy to implement and operate.

“We apply everything we’ve learned over three decades to every web enhancement product we offer. All components, even the most basic, are carefully engineered and meticulously fabricated to fit smoothly into our building block approach to web handling,” Damour said.

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