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Tech tip: Standard Vs Custom unwind / rewind systems

CAC Announces NEW Bowed Roll

FB350 Bowed Roll

FB350 Bowed Roll

Solutions for the most demanding anti-wrinkle application

The FB350 bowed roll utilizes fixed bow technology, engineered to fit customers' specific application(s). The fixed bow provides excellent aggressive, repeatable performance for the most demanding anti-wrinkle applications. It is extremely well suited to separate slit widths for slitter rewinder appications, to prevent interleaving.

CAC's bowed rolls are acceptable for use with textiles, all types of plastic films, paper and non-wovens. They can be used in applications from slow speed to high speed, narrow web to wide web.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fixed bow amount engineered for your application provides consistent performance
  • Aggressive anti-wrinkle device
  • Perfect for separating slit widths
  • Versatile 3.5" diameter
  • Roll face from 14" to 70" available
  • Optional drive sheave available
  • Various rubber sleeve compounds are available for high heat, chemical exposure and / or adhesive application
  • Excellent, inexpensive spreading device

3.50 Dia. Bowed Roll

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Filename  Description
18503-2693.5 Diameter Bowed Roll


  • Mounting Brackets
  • Drive Sheave

Design Parameters:

  • Roll face: 14” - 70”
  • 1500 FPM
  • 12 PLI
  • 0.25 PLI
  • 16.85 pounds + .83 pounds per inch of face width
  • Dead Shaft Construction
  • 4.5 pounds
  • 0.5% - 3% of roll face


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