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Make Sure Your Idlers Turn!

It is important to check all of your idler rolls turn and synchronous with your web. In other words, when it comes to idler rolls, your web should operate as if it were a drive belt and positively drive each idler in your machine.

Inspect your machine(s) often. Idlers can slow or stop turning all together over time. Factors that can slow or stop idler rolls can include problems with the idlers themselves - if a bearing goes bad or becomes worn for example. Other factors may be due to the web itself. As you process thinner materials tensions become less and there may no longer be enough tension to turn your idlers or maybe your web is too slippery to drive your idler rolls.

It is extremely important to keep all idler rolls turning with the web. Wrinkling and web tracking problems will accumulate as rollers have problems.

There are several ways to fix idler roll problems. Check your bearings - make sure they all spin freely. Invest in low-coefficient bearings. Invest in low inertial idlers either with thin wall metals or use carbon fiber idlers.

Remember the web handling principal we have discussed in prior articles? Well, here it is again - A web will seek to be perpendicular to a roller in its entry span to that roller. That is how your web is controlled through your machine with idlers. However, the web handling principal only applies if the web is IN TRACTION with the rollers. If the web is not in traction with rollers - it will become unstable and web handling problems may occur. Think of your web like your car tires - as long as your tires are in traction with the road - no problems - hit an ice patch and you lose control. Your web acts much the same as it is processed through your machine.

**DISCLAIMER - A great deal of time has been invested in the development of our weekly tech tips. To the best of our knowledge, they are accurate. It is up to the user to verify all results.


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