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Advances in thin films to reduce packaging often results in problems with wrinkles.

The advances in thin film packaging technology and the push to reduce the volume of materials used in packaging to achieve reductions in carbon footprints can give manufacturers in the printing, label making, die cutting and coating industries increased challenges in their processes. One of the common challenges faced by these industries is the appearance of more wrinkles in the process at critical stages, e.g. just before the print head, or die cylinder, or coater.

There are many potential causes of wrinkles the web process and there are many articles written on the subject. Recapping some of the information out there, sources can include: web thickness variations, process rolls out of tram/level, tension variations across the face of the web, and tension variations associated with roll diameter, or changes in speed. However once your process rolls are tram and level, your film supplier can no longer improve their process to further control thickness variations, and you've done all you can to insure steady tension control throughout your process, the problem may need to be controlled by a wrinkle removal device.

There are a number of devices out there to choose from, bowed rollers, nip type spreaders, slat expanders, grooved roll products, and expanding smooth surface linear rolls to name the most popular. Your specific situation will ultimately determine the best product for you. Some of the process criteria which needs to be considered include:

  • Process speeds: The faster the process, the fewer the products.
  • Materials: Thin films require different technologies than non-wovens.
  • Tension: Some wrinkle removal rolls require a certain amount of tension to rotate.
  • Process width: Fewer products are available for a 300" wide web vs a 12" wide web.
  • Temperature: Ambient vs. Extreme
  • Ozone/Solvents/Lead-In, Lead-Out Distances/Wrap Angle/Web Path/ and other special constraints to name a few.

And ok, the self-serving part, call your local sales representative for a visit. They are more than happy to come out and discuss the issue with you. And please ask them the touch questions, especially why they recommend one product vs. another. There should be a process, or cost saving reason.

**DISCLAIMER - A great deal of time has been invested in the development of our weekly tech tips. To the best of our knowledge, they are accurate. It is up to the user to verify all results.


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