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Advantages to Chopping / Not Chopping Trim Waste

What are you doing with your trim waste now? Chopping it? Not chopping it? There are advantages to both, it just depends on what you do with your trim in the end.

If you are pneumatically conveying your trim waste to some sort of baler or compactor you probably have no need to chop your trim to condense its volume. The baler or compactor will condense it for you, and give you a nicely packaged block of trim for you to dispose of as you wish. A continuous stream of trim may actually be better in this application than trying to bale chopped pieces of trim.

On the other hand, if you have no baler or compactor, and you find that your waste trim accumulates in your collection bin too quickly for the machine operator to keep up with dumping it, you may want to chop your trim. By chopping the continuous stream of trim into short "strips" of trim, it will be much more condensed in the collection bin. When the trim is much more condensed in the collection bin the operator would be able to eliminate quite a few time consuming trips each day to the other side of the plant or outside to the large dumpsters to empty the collection bin. This would give him back some of his valuable time each day to allow him to do other more important things.

So as you can see, there are advantages to both chopping or not chopping your trim waste. You just need to decide which is best for your application and implement the right system to suit your needs.

**DISCLAIMER - A great deal of time has been invested in the development of our weekly tech tips. To the best of our knowledge, they are accurate. It is up to the user to verify all results.


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