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FOX Combo™ Portable Trim Removal and Chopper System

Efficient Trim Removal Improves Sustainability

FOX Combo™ features a new, factory assembled, combination trim removal and chopper system that ships as a single complete unit. The FOX Combo combines the widely employed, venturi-based FOX TrimAway® with CAC’s recently introduced TrimAX™, a two bladed chopper capable of 3,450 cuts per minute. The two systems are both mounted on a sturdy, but moveable framework and are designed to be used together or independently.

FOX TrimAway Combo Pneumatic Trim Removal

        Features & Benefits

  • Convenient
  • Complete unit shipped from factory
  • 5, 10 or 20 hp blower system
  • Can cut various materials from film to carpet
  • Can handle trim up to 6 inches wide
  • Can handle speed up to 3000 fpm
  • Unit has two starters allowing the venturi to run alone or with
    the chopper
  • Sturdy, moveable framework
  • Can be used together or independently
  • Ready to run in 15 minutes
  • Roll in place and hook up power - it's that easy!

FOX TrimAway Combo Pneumatic Trim Removal

Efficiently remove paper, film, foil, textile and non-woven trims. Great for picking up and removing pieces (die cutter) as well as chopped, granulated and palletized materials.

All FOX TrimAway systems are designed to be exceptionally easy to install and easy to operate. They are quiet, frugal consumers of electricity, especially when compared to systems that rely on energy gobbling compressed air. All systems feature modular constructions sized to customer production requirements and are available in 30 standard sizes.


New Integrated Trim Removal and Chopper System

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